5 Back Stretches on One Page, So You Don’t Have to Click Through Ads.

We know ads make the internet profitable and free for millions of people worldwide, but you’re here for back tips, not ads. Without further ado, here are 5 more back stretches to help you find relief!

Knee to Chest

Lay on your back. Using both hands, pull your knee to your chest until you feel a tightness in your hamstring muscles. To intensify this stretch, grab your shin instead of your knees to pull your leg higher.

Lying Knee Twist

This stretch is also done on your back. Instead of pulling your knees to chest like you did in the first stretch, pull either leg across your lap, so your knee reaches over the opposite leg and touches the ground. This will cause your hips to rotate, but both shoulders should still be on the ground.

6 Point Back Arch

This stretch is a popular Yoga position too. Assume a crawling position, with both hands and knees flat on the ground. Looking upwards, gently arch your back towards the ground. Next, look downwards while bowing your back upwards. Slowly shift between both these positions several times or until desired.

Sitting Hamstring Stretch.

This stretch is great if standing is difficult for you. Simply sit upright on the floor, with your legs extended in front of you, together. Reach forward with both arms outstretched and attempt to grab your toes, ankles, or knees, whichever is easier. Continue to lean forward with your arms pulling you towards your legs/feet.

Lower Abdominal stretch

Another Yoga pose, this is a great cool-down stretch after exercise. Lay on your stomach, face down. Using both arms, push your shoulders off the ground while keeping your hips and legs flat on the ground. This is great for stretching hip flexor muscles too.