Back Pain Relief is More Affordable and Accessible Than You Think

Relief is only a phone call away. Get your Medicare-approved back brace today at little or no cost to you!

Living with back pain used to be something we just accepted and blamed on things like getting old, or that injury we had way back when, where things were never quite the same after.

Nevermind the fact that the motion we lost would cost us the things we enjoyed and took for granted. The spine is the central foundation of support in our bodies. When it hurts, everything that moves hurts with it, no matter what you seem to do.

We want you to know, you don’t have to keep living with the pain. Options for relief are out there, and at Next Step Medical we’re here to spread the good news:

Relief exists at little or no cost to you.

We work with private insurance and Medicare programs to qualify people just like you for medical braces that help take the strain off your spine.

Brace yourself, relief is coming for your back AND wallet. Most private insurance programs and Medicare can cover 80% or more of the cost. Plus, many are eligible every 5 years for a new brace if your existing one is wearing out. Seems too good to be true? Not when you consider most insurance programs would rather cover the cost of a back brace than letting your condition worsen to the point of costly surgeries or physical therapy.

Click here to get started. Unlike back pain, it never hurts to find out more information.