Tips to Manage Everyday Back Pain

Need some more tips on living with back pain? We’ve compiled some tips from WebMD to help you find the relief you need! Check out these tips below, and read the article for the complete list.

Comfy Shoes
Shoes are the foundation of your entire body when moving, and a comfortable, supportive pair of shoes can definitely help with back pain. We’ve written past articles on the importance of shoe choice, and how shoe needs vary from person to person. However, anything that cushions your feet while walking, especially on hard surfaces, will likely make a positive difference.

Start Slow
Whether it’s waking up for the morning or warming up for exercise, your body needs time to adjust and prepare for the upcoming stresses of physical movement. Deep breathing, stretches, and even certain Yoga poses can help you start the day off right. Finding what works specifically for you depends on individual circumstances, so consult your chiropractor or primary care provider first.

Mind Your Posture
If you find yourself sitting for long periods of time in front of a computer at your job, having the right chair is crucial. Features like a straight back, seat adjustments, lumbar support, and armrests will help manage or alleviate back pain. Mind your posture while sitting as well. Don’t lean forward or reach your arms out to where your elbows are beyond your side. Sitting wedges are also a great way to support your hips and lower back while seated.

Some Exercises are Best Avoided
With many back injuries, some activities are best avoided while you heal. Listen to your doctor, and if something hurts, refrain from doing it until you’ve discussed the issue with your doctor. Things like sit-ups, jogging, weight lifting, or twisting motions are often common movements and activities to refrain from. Don’t ignore the pain or try to “push through it”. You may end up doing more damage to your back, and hinder future progress.

In Closing
Perhaps the biggest takeaway from all of these tips, plus the additional ones offer by WebMD, is to consult your doctor or chiropractor for best advice. These general guidelines can help offer some direction, but no two back problems are the same. What works for someone may not work for another, and having concrete advice from a trained medical professional goes a long way towards living a happy, fulfilled life free from back pain.